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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol Ii Mon Khmer Siamese Chinese Families"

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GINBEAL INTRODUCTION,    AUTHORITIES.                                       71
0.—Oft Shan.
HODGSON, B. H,— On the Indo-Chinese Borderers and their Connection with the Mimalayans and Tibetans.
Journal of the Bengal Asiatic Society, Vol. mi (1853), pp. 1 and if. Reprinted in Miscellaneous
Essays relating to Indian Subjects. Vol. u, pp, 27 and f£. Vocabulary OIL London, 1880, The Shan.
Vocabulary is pp. 46 and ff. Reprinted in Tula's Narrative of a Mission . . . to the Court of
Ava With Notices of the Country, Government, and People, Appendix M. London, 1858.
BIGANDET, RET P.,—-J. Comparative Vocabulary of 8hant Ka-kying and Pa-laong, Journal of the Indian
ArchipelagO) ii (1858), pp 221 and ff.
McCuLLOCH, LIEUT.-COL "W ,— Account of the Valley of Munnipore and of the Hill Tribes; w%th a Com-
parative Vocabulary of the Munnipore and other Languages, Selections from the Becords of the
Government of India (Foreign Department), No. 5J7, 1859. Contains a Vocabulary of Khoores
Kool Shan on pp. vii and ff. of Appendix I. It resembles Khamtl.
ANDERSON, J.,—A Report of the Expedition to Western" Yunan via Bhamo. Calcutta, 1871. Vocabulary
which IB leprinted in the same miter's Mandalay to Momien. London, 1876,
CAMPBELL, SIB G,,—Specimens of the Languages of India, including those of the Aboriginal Tribes of Bengal.
the Central Provinces, aitd the Eastern Frontier. Calcutta, 1874. Shan Vocabulary on p. 286.
CUSHING, RET. J. N, I) D .^Elementary Handbook of the Shan Language.   Rangoon, 1888.
MAUNG TONE,—The Shan Spelling Book.   Rangoon, 1890.
See also Brown, Gushing (Grammar and Dictionary), Eales, Tke British Burma Gazetteer, and Scott and
Hardunan under Head A, and Gurdoa under head B.
W.,—Notes on the Languages spoken by the various Tribes inhabiting the  Vallay of Assam and
its -mountain Confines.   Journal of the Bengal Asiatic Society, Vol. xviii (1849), pp. 310 and fP.
Contains Grammar and Vocabulary.
B  H,—Aborigines of the North-Hast Frontier.   Journal of the Bengal Asiatic Society, six
(1850), pp. 309 and ff.   Reprinted in Miscellaneous Essays relating to Indian Subjects, Vol. ii,
pp 7-10    London, 1880.   Contains a Vocabulary, -which is also reprinted in. Yule's Narrative of a
Mission, etc., quoted under Hodgson, under Head C.
CAMPBELL, SIB G.,--27ie Ethnology of India.   Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, Vol. sxsv (1866),
Pt II.     Special No.   Appendix B    Contains a comparative table of Khamti and other numerals.
CAMPBELL, SIR G.,—Specimens of the Languages of India, etc., as quoted under Head B.   Vocabulary on
pp 168 and ff.
DALTON, B. T.» C.S I,—Descriptive Ethnology of Bengal    Calcutta, 1872    Account of the Khamias oa
pp 1 aud f£    Vocabulary compared with Ahom, Laos, and Siamese, on pp. 69 and ff.
DESGODIKS, PbKE,—Vocabulaire Khamdi Mou-Qua, m Mots prinnpauss des Langues de certaines Tribe* gui
habitent les Boras du Lan-tsang Kiang, di&Lou-tze Kiang, ei Irratoady.   Bullet. Soc. Geographie de
Pans, 1872.
LOEGEOU, EDOTJAED,—Remarques relatives au Vocabulaire t?t» Moalioat p. 28 of Bulletin de la Societe
Acaduniqiie Indo-Chinoi'se, i, Paris, 18S1
, J F —Outline Grawmur o/ the Tai (Khdmti) Language as spoken by the Khdmtis residing in
the Neighbourhood of Sadiya^ with illustrative Sentences, Phrase-booh, and Vocabulary*   Bangoon,
P. R ,—On the KJitfmizs, as quoted under Head B    Contains an account of the tribe, and a brief
comparative list of words.
, MAJOR (afterwards BRIGADIER GENERAL) C. B..,—Outline Singpho Grammar.   No date or
imprint    (Contains a ' Khampti" Vocabulary.)
See also Assam Census Reports for 1881 and 1891,
B.—On PMUal.
I know of no account of this dialect A ahoit account of the tribes is to be found in Mr. Gait's Census
Eeport of Assam for 1891, and has been already quoted on p 64.
P.—On Nora.
The same remarks apply.   Cf. p 64 ante.
O.—On Tairong.
The same remarks apply    See also Oautam Gurdon's account of the Khamtls quoted under Head B.
E.—0» Aitdnid.
Vocabulary in pp. 168 and ff. of Campbell's Specimens, quoted under Head B. A short list of words in
Damant'u Notes, quoted under Head A. See also Ney Elias, quote'd under Head A.